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"You can, you should, and if you're brave enough to start, you will.  Writing is magic, as much the water of life as any other creative art. The water is free so drink.  Drink and be filled up."
-Stephen King

Kendra Herber


 I have been happily married to my husband Bob for 12 years and have two amazing daughters.  Gabriella is 6, and Eliza is 2.  I have taught English for 13 years at four different schools.  I love being outdoors, traveling the world, and spreading God's love with my service group. 

About Me


Writing History

My passion for writing started as a child.  I won a contest in seventh grade, and the measly $50 reward sealed the deal: I would be a life-long writer.  I learned from my Creative Writing professor in College, Les Edgerton, that writers write about what they know about.  I am no different. 


WHOLE: A Leg Up On Life was a labor of love.  I wrote it in about 7 months.  The words flowed effortlessly because the story was already written.  There was no plot to create; my life was the plot.  All I had to do was sit down and write my history.  It was an enlightening process because I wasn't privy to much of my early years.  Thankfully, my family helped fill in the gaps. 

My poetry collection is a compilation of topics that matter to me.  Although my topics are often grim, I find writing to be an outlet that helps me to move past the tribulations.  Two-Faced Poetry is a collection of poems that showcase life's hardships.  I intended to send the message to readers that it's ok to feel the pain, but there is a time to accept it and move past the heartache.  Plus, Two-Faced Poetry perfectly matches my life (and many others'): grievous, yet gratifying.  

My Favorites

I love chapter 7 of WHOLE: A Leg Up On Life.  To me, it's the most real and honest of all the chapters.  The emotional side of being an amputee weighed heaviest on me.  I think this chapter conveys that well.  

My favorite poems from this collection are: "A Moment of Recognition" and "The Warrior."  They took me years to write and were both probably edited close to 25 times.  I spent the most time on them because they matter the most to me. I also like "There's Pleasure in the Pain" because it's my oldest poem (written in high school).


It's always good to remember that a writer's work doesn't define them or confine them.  Many of the emotions I wrote about in this collection occurred in a minute, day, or week's time.  My life isn't defined by those short snapshots that I recorded, but is comprised of all the moments that have molded me in my 34 years.  




The University of Toledo

I received my Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education


Miami University

I received my Masters in the Art of Teaching through the Ohio Writing Project

Contact Me

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